OnlineBharath aspires to be your ultimate stop for your job hunt. Our efforts will stand rewarded only if we are able to satisfy each of our viewers. Your suggestions and feedback's are our valuable assets that lead our way to improvement and growth. We heartily embrace both the positive and negative feedback's and work in the direction of meeting the expectations of our users.

We have incorporated a special ‘Feedback’ page in our website to encourage our viewers share their opinion about our web pages. If appraisals inspire us to work more on the credibility and quality of our content, the criticisms show us our lapses and drawbacks and help us emerge better by overcoming these defects. We make sure that none of the feedback's are left unnoticed or unaddressed.

We always encourage our viewers to post their feedback's regularly about our web pages. If you notice any sort of error may it be typo, grammar or factual, please do not hesitate to inform us about it. Though we always strive to give you error-free content, many-a-times, these may creep into our web pages unconsciously. Only with your support we will be able to make our website the most correct and reliable employment source.

Besides, we also welcome you to report if any of the job vacancies appearing on our site prove non-existent. Though the chances are none, as we make thorough investigation before posting the vacancies, in case any of them is found to be erroneous, feel free to inform us.

However, we wish to inform that if any comment is found to be obscene, harassing, libelous, misguiding or marring the reputation of a person or community, we hold the right to delete the content from our website. We encourage a healthy to-and-fro relation with our viewers and strictly prevent anything that seeks to tamper with it.

We look forward for a long association with you and hence invite your valuable feedback's. Let us know what your feel about our website and its different pages and enable us to serve you better.

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